Passing leagues in full swing

Through June, high school football passing league games will be played on most week nights throughout the Valley. Passing league games are low-contact, no-pads games with seven players on a side. There is no blocking or tackling and no running plays. There are no offensive or defensive linemen. These are controlled scrimmages in which each team gets to run 15 or 20 passing plays at a time. It is the time of year when high school teams work on their passing offense and defense schemes.

Almost all games start at 6 p.m. on weeknights at local high school football fields. There are also three big tournaments, hosted by the three state university football programs, that draw teams from all over the state. The ASU passing league tournament is Wednesday, June 3, at 6 p.m. at the ASU football practice fields at Sixth Street and Rural Road. The UofA passing league tournament in Tucson is Saturday, June 6. It starts at 9 a.m. and features games in the morning and early evening. Finally, the NAU passing league tournament in Flagstaff is Saturday, June 20. This is an all-day tournament as well and starts at 8 a.m. The NAU tournament also features a fun “big man” competition for linemen that involves not only weight lifting and agility drills, but competitions that involve several guys pushing a truck about 80 yards and five linemen carrying a telephone pole on their shoulders as they race around half the football field.

If you have a son in elementary school or middle school who is interested in playing high school football, go check out a passing league game or tournament. Admission to the games and the tournaments is free. — Dan Barr


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