Former Brophy lacrosse star plays first game for Johns Hopkins

Pierce Bassett warming up for the spring 2008 high school state championship lacrosse game.

Two years ago, we interviewed then-Brophy College Preparatory goalie Pierce Bassett in a video that was shot shortly before the state championship game.

On Saturday, Pierce, now a freshman at Johns Hopkins University, played his first college game against the top ranked University of Virginia. The game was broadcast nationally on ESPN2.

Pierce played the last 19 minutes of the game, which Virginia won 15-6. While the outcome may not have been to Pierce’s liking, he has a promising college career ahead of him at one of the nation’s premier college lacrosse programs.

How big a deal is it that Pierce is playing for Johns Hopkins?  Chandler High School lacrosse coach Dave Henning put it best when he said, “Seriously … goalie at Hopkins. That is a special place in the lacrosse world. It’s like being quarterback at Notre Dame. And it couldn’t happen to a better kid.” — Dan


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