Robby Mayasich Memorial Cup

Chaparral High School and Brophy Prep have played several important lacrosse games against each other the past few years, including the last four state championship games.  They will play again tonight, April 22, at 8 p.m. at Chaparral, but this game will be different.  Tonight everyone will be wearing pink in honor of Brophy senior lacrosse player Robby Mayasich, who died last month after being struck by a car during a road race on February 27.   Earlier this week, the Chaparral Lacrosse Club board established “The Robby Mayasich Memorial Cup” with the following announcement:

Robby Mayasich

“The Chaparral Firebirds and the Brophy Broncos have long been rivals on the lacrosse field, competing with unparallel intensity and mutual respect for one another. But off the field we are all part the Lacrosse family in Arizona. The sport of lacrosse and each of our school’s commitment to excellence truly connects each player to one another.  By establishing the Robby Mayasich traveling cup, we hope to forever preserve his memory in the Arizona Lacrosse community and further establish a tie between our two teams that reaches across competition. Robby was well known and loved in many circles. Many of us knew Robby personally, through academics, or while playing alongside him on the lacrosse field.  The Robby Mayasich Cup will be awarded to the winner of each game that is played between Chaparral and Brophy. This memorial cup embodies the idea of team spirit that captures the way Robby approached life. It is our hope that this tradition lives on as does the spirit of a young man who touched so many lives.”

If you want to see the best that high sports has to offer, stop by Chaparral High School in Scottsdale tonight to watch the top two lacrosse teams in Arizona play for something more important than winning a game.  And remember to wear pink.  — Dan


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